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Become a Table Tennis Master with Olav The Indytute Table Tennis Guru - Olav hos...

A PRIVATE LESSON - Become a Table Tennis Master - Max two people

What will I be doing in this class?

Become a Table Tennis Master with Olav The Indytute Table Tennis Guru - Olav hosts ping pong events all over London so if you want to stun them next holiday by the pool then Olav is the man for you. He promises to make you feel comfortable, challenged and empowered ALL AT THE SAME TIME, Oooooh. This table tennis lesson is at the fantastic Bounce London. The workshop depends on your current level and the class will be adjusted on the day. The basics involve how to serve, how to place and direct the ball, and how to chop and smash. In fact destroy your opponent (in a moderately friendly way).

Do I need to know anything?

Nothing! This class is for all levels of players. Even if you are really good, Olav can up your game.

  • Olav
    In colonial India a doctor and a glazier were on constant call for Wiff Waff. The game involved a couple of books and a golf ball, which was obviously Read more ...
Bounce / 121 Holborn , London, EC1N 2TD
Chancery Lane
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