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Walk begins with a gin
Walk end with a gin
In Brief

You could be forgiven for thinking that craft Gin is a new concept. Far from it....

Ginsanity Walking Tour (with GIN)

What will I be doing in this class?

You could be forgiven for thinking that craft Gin is a new concept. Far from it. In the 18th century there were over 1000 stills in the square mile of City of London. Such was the popularity of this delicious clear tipple that it lead to an increase in insanity, with the East End home to several mad houses, including Europe’s oldest psychiatric hospital Bedlam. In this Ginsanity walking tour you will be learning why London had the highest percentage of ‘mad’ people to any city in Europe. Learn the origins of such phrases as ‘going round the bend’ and ‘mad as a hatter’.

Do I need to know anything?

The tour begins at St Paul's Underground station and ends at Old Street. Your ticket included two gin drinks. This is for one person. A brilliant evening for visiting friends and couples – or anyone who just loves gin (and don't we all!)

  • Emma Parker
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The Sir Christopher Hatton / 4 Leather Lane, London, EC1N 7RA
Chancery Lane
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