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Hanging around just got a whole lot more exciting. The aim of this game is not t...

Static Trapeze Flying Fantastic

What will I be doing in this class?

Hanging around just got a whole lot more exciting. The aim of this game is not to swing, but remain stable. You will learn pikes and inverts, working your way up to moves that build strength and confidence. It’s all about BODY CONTROL. If you want to be fit from the core, then learn to fly. This is a an exceptional good workout for blokes who want to show off their arm art or go as a couple and learn to fly TOGETHER.

Do I need to know anything?

This is a class for adult beginners. Wear comfortable gym kit. This class is high on teacher/student ratio, with only two people per trapeze, and seven students per teacher so expect to be on receiving end of a lot of attention. Absolutely no skulking at the back of the class.

  • Christopher Wigan
    Meet Christopher Wigan. Christopher set up Flying Fantastic in 2011 with his wife Edel after discovering it in Buenos Aires. Flying Fantastic was se Read more ...
The Wilditch Centre / 48 Culvert Road, London, SW11 5BB
Queenstown Road Overground
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