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Intro to 6 beat Swing
Intro to 8 beat Lindy Hop
Intro to Charleston
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Learn to dance in a day. Dazzle your friends with the moves and grooves that ar...

Swing Dance in a Day - FOR TWO

What will I be doing in this class?

Learn to dance in a day. Dazzle your friends with the moves and grooves that are swing dance. The Swing Patrol team will take your two left feet and see they really leave the floor. What is Swing? An umbrella word that encompasses a great range of delicious dances. The Lindy Hop is the core dance that Swing Patrol teach and yes, it is fast, furious and fun. Swing Patrol will introduce you to the SIX BEAT swing, which will keep your toes tapping for the first hour. 15 minute break (phew). 2nd hour introduction to the EIGHT BEAT which is the Lindy Hop. 15 minute break (gasp, phew). 3rd hour introduction to the Charleston. End of the day… put the carpet back… lie down.

Do I need to know anything?

This a beginners class, so just bring your two left feet. One booking is for two people so bring a partner! Swing dancing is a social dance and you'll be dancing and laughing with lots of different partners throughout the session.

  • Scott Cupit
    Scott Cupit is our friendly London-based Aussie who has had a love affair with swing dancing since 1998. He has had the good fortune of teaching in ex Read more ...
Walter Sickert Community Centre / Canonbury Crescent, London, N1 2FB
Essex Road
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