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The wilds of Shoreditch are home to a number of interesting specimens. The area ...

Urban Photography Safari

What will I be doing in this class?

The wilds of Shoreditch are home to a number of interesting specimens. The area is mainly populated by the distinctive Hipster, but you may catch a glimpse of a sharp-suited banker or a shot of a fast-moving bike courier as he weaves in and out of the traffic; a rare capture, the gazelle of the Urban Jungle. Join award-winning documentary photographer James Millar for an educational and humorous journey around the capital. Improve your photography skills and see the city afresh. Learn how to bother interesting-looking people in the street for a picture without getting punched, pick up some photographic 'art-speak' to impress your friends with, and acquire a few picture-taking gimmicks to make people think you know what you're doing.

Do I need to know anything?

Suitable for all skill levels and no need for any expensive gear. "Let’s be honest, iPhones are annoyingly good these days. Remind me why I splashed out thousands on gear again..?"

  • James Millar
    Meet award-winning documentary photographer. Usually found hiding in the Belize jungle teaching students safari photography. Before he heads off, The Read more ...
Shoreditch High Street Station / Braithwaite Street, Shoreditch, E1 6GJ
Shoreditch High Street
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