Think of us as your concierge (although we would rather not take in luggage or do dry cleaning). We want to help you find the workshop that is ideal for you. Maybe you would like an individual lesson from one of our teachers, or you want ideas for a hen party or an anniversary - that’s where the concierge service will spring into action, all cogs whirring. Eight people will qualify for an Indytute group booking, so it’s not difficult to have an experience that is all about YOU..

The concierge service love a corporate challenge. We can organise great ice breakers for your meetings, and team building challenges that will have the office buzzing round the water cooler. Check out some of the ideas below (and we’ve got lots more), and please call for further information or if you have something special in mind.

Talk to us! We love group bookings and have lots of ideas. 0330 999 4634.
  • TRY Swing Dancing
    No such thing as two left feet. Join the dance frenzy and learn how to rock step with this talented group of swing dancers, where every night is party night. What is swing? An umbrella word that encompasses a great range of delicious dances, the Lindyhop is the core dance that is taught, it is fast, furious and fun. You can learn Swing dancing at your office, local pub or one of our more quirky venues. If you're an all girl group why don't you try Charleston. Move over Brucie!

    Appreciate London from a totally new perspective - the river. Your trip begins in Chelsea and is planned around the tides allowing you to glide down river under Albert Bridge, and paddle your way past the sites of Chelsea, the mouth of the river Tyburn onto the Houses of Parliament and views of the London Eye. Your team will be coached in the basics of Kayaking. Learn how to paddle, steer and and turn. The journey is two and a half hours long and seven miles in length. If you would rather paddle to your own sounds then why not experience a ‘River Rave’ , where we will supply a specially wired Kayak to blast out river music (Handel will be turning in his grave). This outing is long enough to seriously bond with your fellow paddler, and as instruction will given on staying together at all times this is a very good team exercise - no prizes will be given for pushy paddlers. Up to 40 people can be taken out at one time. Try Kayaking at NIGHT which puts a whole new spin on the phrase ‘a night on the town’.

  • TRY Throwing Clay
    Get your hands muddy. Pinch pots, coil pots, slab pots and wheel throwing. The very words sound poetic and create a rhythm. Making a pot is one of earliest human skills, useful, satisfying and in the hands of ceramist Lesley Mcshea a work of great beauty. Colours spin from her collections, which include sconces,bowls, vases and candle bowls. Her collection of bird baths must be a joy for any bird flying past. Coloured like the blue of a Hockney swimming pool, these wonderful bowls need no invitation. Just fluff up a feather or two and lie back. Lesley has a life long passion for ceramics, and holds classes to teach you how to caress the clay. These are very special classes taught by a women at the top of her field, so if you have always wanted to become a potter, you couldn’t start in a better place, learning from an inspirational artist.

  • TRY Poker
    Looking for team building, a hen night or a unique birthday party. Demystify poker with the gorgeous Jamie. Thought it was too tricky to learn - think again. Jamie has been holding poker nights for the last three years and is a brilliant, smart and cunning coach, combining patience with a great sense of humour. This is a beginners class. Perfect if have always been interested, but too intimidated to start. You will learn the ranking of the cards, what blinds are, and how the game moves. The class will end with a mini tournament where you can test your newly learned skills against the rest of the class.

  • TRY Table Tennis Masterclass
    Learn how to really play table tennis with Olav, The Indytute table tennis guru. Olav will give you the skills to top spin, smash and destroy - in the nicest possible way. These classes take place at the seriously cool venue, Bounce. You can eat delicious pizza, sip on cocktails whilst smashing your table tennis opponent. The afternoon ends with a tournament. Bounce is the ultimate events venue, perfectly positioned between the City of London and the West End, with tailored spaces and bespoke options for all corporate and private requirements.

  • TRY Hoola Schoola
    Want a stomach of steel? If you thought you had learned everything you needed to learn about a hoola hoop in the school playground prepare to be amazed. Learn everything hoop related. Fantastic exercise for boosting energy, and getting an exercise routine going. Remember you can move that hoop indoors, outdoors, work and home, take your hoop with you wherever you go. How about a regular hoola class at work? Hoola Schoola is the best work out for a hip action.

  • TRY Ukulele
    The little instrument you can learn in an hour and develop over a lifetime. Any inhibtions are soon thrown to one side as you start strumming and singing, the most cathartic of lessons. You will start to learn the basics of playing the ukulele. Simple chords and strums. Music scores will be provided, you can take these home with you for practice later. Songs will be familiar, so you can concentrate on holding and playing the ukulele. This is a beginners lesson, so don’t worry if you have absolutely no idea at all, that is the point. Regular after work classes or lunch time lessons are extremely popular. You'll be given all the skills to form your own ukulele work band.

  • TRY Best Man Speech Writing
    Stand up comedian, writer and journalist Stephen Hill can transform your wedding speech into the funny and touching speech it should be for the big day. Whether you're the groom, the best man or the father of the bride, Stephen will help; Write the speech, coach your delivery (that all important comedy timing), show you some tricks of the trade, how to read your audience and battle your nerves. He'll even rehearse with you and make sure that your speech is remembered for all the right reasons!

  • TRY singing by the water cooler
    You already know how much fun it is to sing in the shower, or how much faster the journey goes when you have a group sing-along in the car, so just imagine how amazing it would be to have the whole office trilling away in 3 part harmony. Fan-tas-tic that's what. Ask the Indytute for Song Bird Sessions to sound out your office. Anything from a short lunch time session to whole afternoon workshops. Tr la la ...

  • TRY The Robin Collective
    Well of course they are absolutely bonkers. Brandy, Robin and Elsbeth are The Robin Collective. They provide events to confuse and delight the senses, think Medicinal Marshmallows, Edible Terrariums, Liquid Nitrogen ice cream. Previous events to have awed and delighted include Taxidermy and Tea (inhale Victoria sponge cake and sip cucumber sandwich punch), and the Last Legs Veterinary Clinic (bleeding jellies and meringue terrapins). Anyway it is all done in the best possible taste.

  • TRY The Biscuiteers
    Biscuiteers have taken the humble iced biscuit and made it into a work of art. Learning to ice lovely biscuits. How to pipe and outline, flood shapes with colour and generally cheer up the teatime plate. There is nothing the Biscuiteers can't create, from your own biscuit designs to giant gingerbread houses (have you spotted the one in Selfridges window?).

  • TRY Beer and Curry Pairing
    If you like a curry and you like a beer then this is the evening for you. DR.iNK is a beer boutique stocking 600 different bottled beers to serve alongside delicious spicy delicacies. Gujarati Farson vegetarian dishes are the specialties here (Farson translates as ‘food’) and they are totally mouthwatering, designed to make your tastebuds yearn to sip one of the little know microbrews that can be found on the shelves. To train your tastebuds to appreciate all these new tastes and temptations DR.iNK has designed an event that will make you think twice before you order that Korma with a Carlsberg.

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