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It was only a matter of time before The Indytute went into collaboration with the grown-ups! On March 21st at The Art Workers Guild, The Indytute and How To: Academy will join forces.


The author Robert Penn will be speaking on his latest book ‘The Man Who Made Things Out of Trees’, selected as Radio 4's book of the week. A tale of joy, and of the craftsmen committed to working with wood. He watched them making artefacts as varied as cricket stumps and longbows, cabinets and toboggans. This book is a celebration of our trees and our extraordinary craft heritage. Robert will be there in person to talk about the book and the people he met along the wooden way.

‘How To: Academy’, is well known for it’s talks by the great and good, and it’s ability to garner the best in the business world to instruct and re construct your life. ‘How to’ have designed an evening alongside The Indytute. They will talk, and we will do.



The Indytute will be there to introduce the audience to the art of woodcraft first hand. Watch as the new generation commit their talents to keeping these skills not only alive, but developing. Sophie from Grain and Knot, demonstrates the art of spoon carving, each piece made from a chunk of reclaimed timber to make a tactile piece of kitchenware to love and appreciate every time you stir a sauce.

Zack McLaughlin will be demonstrating his skill in carving wood birds into works of art, using paper to construct their wings - an Owl launches into space, a Goldfinch flutters towards a light bulb. Yes wood can fly.

Come and ‘do’ with ‘Uncommonly Beautiful’, the anti-landfill fashion accessory label founded by the talented designer-maker, Kirsty Kirkpatrick. She will show you how to make environmentally friendly,not to mention totally bespoke wooden book marks

If you are fired and inspired to learn these crafts (and why wouldn’t you be ?) The Indytute run brilliantly inspired workshops. Whittling your life away just got a whole lot more interesting.

The Art Workers Guild, 6 Queen Square, London, WC1N 3AT
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